Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spiritual Moment

Stephen Ministry
One of the most moving moments of my life happened December 30, 2008. 

I began training for Stephen Ministry through a neighbor church in September 2008, only weeks before my October auto accident. This group helped me through some of the toughest times. They each will forever hold a dear place in my heart - for their unconditional love and care.

At the end of the December 30th meeting, all of the Stephen Ministers and Stephen Ministers in Training gathered around me, each placing a hand on me. One of the ladies began a prayer, and then many other people, one by one, prayed aloud for me. They spoke of my faithfulness, and prayed that this suffering be used to God's glory. They prayed that I find strength and peace in Christ (crawl up in Jesus' lap and ask Him to hold me). They prayed that God life the pain and discomfort. The most moving words that I heard throughout these prayers were that I was a blessing to them. This made me speechless! I feel that they were a blessing to me, and hearing that it went both ways was very humbling.

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  1. So glad you were blessed Jamie. Thank you for sharing.