Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I had a wonderful sno cone with my husband, last week before the weather cooled down. Sno cones are one of my all-time favorite things. They remind me of some of the best times in life - times spanning all ages, special places, and dear friends. They make the summer heat of Texas (and Oklahoma) worth it - to me, at least.

Today, my husband and I went on a date. Our dates are now in the middle of the day (i.e., before my "mid-afternoon crash"). We went to see Dinner With Schmucks, which was hilarious. We stopped and got an Arby's chocolate turnover... another all-time favorite thing (they used to have them, they stopped, I wrote many letters begging for them to bring them back, and now they finally have!). If you've never had one of these tasty treats (and chocolate isn't one of your triggers), you definitely should!

My husband is such a blessing to me. I'm so happy to be married to my best friend. He takes good care of me, makes me laugh, and holds me when I need to cry. He's my favorite thing!


  1. How very sweet. No pun intended. Blessings.

  2. I admit I've never had the Arby's chocolate turnover. But I do know that an Arby's turnover and mocha shake is a clinically proven migraine-fighting combination. ;)

    Just found you via the most recent H&MD Carnival. It's great to find another chronic migraineur who is a believer. Drop me a note sometime, it would be great to hear from you! :)

    Keep up the great blogging!