Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our First Anniversary

© 2009 David Madden.
One year ago, today, I married my best friend. Jeremy has been the most patient, loving, and caring husband I ever could have asked for. I feel truly blessed to have him by my side.

This year has been full of crazy surprises - me being on disability, him not having a job most of the year, him having gallbladder problems all of a sudden, me taking a leave of absence from school, my health worsening, etc... We tell each other that we're living out our "for sicker or poorer" part of the vows first - it makes us laugh in an otherwise unlaughable situation. But, our Lord is faithful, and so we continue on. Our relationship definitely looks different than I think many newlyweds' relationships look, but that's okay. We're working with what we have. It's hard sometimes, but our love for God and each other is growing stronger.

So, happy anniversary to the greatest blessing God could have ever bestowed upon me. I love you... you're my favorite! ;-)


  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! It's wonderful to find the person that God has in mind for you!!!!