Monday, September 20, 2010

Thorns and Roses

Many people wish that they could feel good, but sometimes I just wish that I couldn't feel.
So much of my life with chronic illness has been painful, and it's hard to feel all of the emotions that arise.

I don't want to feel the excruciating pain of doing even simple tasks.
I don't want to feel the sadness I see in my family's eyes... or my own eyes.
I don't want to feel the helplessness of not being able to care for myself.
I don't want to feel the hopelessness that this pain may never go away.
I don't want to feel like the burden I feel I've become.
I don't want to feel the frustration of not being able to know or express what I need.
I don't want to feel the guilt for not knowing how to ask others to help me.
I don't want to feel the loneliness... the anger... the disappointment...
The "what if's" come streaming in and just worsen the depression and raise the anxiety.
All of these feelings bombard me almost constantly.

But, I do want to feel thankful for the love of all those caring and praying for me.
I want to feel (even the smallest) glimmer(s) of hope.
I want to feel a sense of pride, when I've accomplished a difficult task or project.
I want to feel connected to myself and to others.
I want to feel my faith in God grow stronger and deeper.
I want to have faith that God is and will use me to glorify Him.

"You can complain that roses have thorns, or you can rejoice that thorns have roses." (Tom Wilson, from comic strip "Ziggy")

I guess we must accept the thorns, if we are to enjoy the roses.

© 2010 Jamie Valendy.


  1. Beautiful post Jamie! You've explained what we feel on a daily basis. I want my faith to grow stronger but right now all I know is that I have faith I'm going get through it but I don't have room for anything more. It's hard when pain bombards you.

    Hugs and hope you're better today!

  2. I am right there with you Jamie and it has been tough. I keep hoping it will get better and instead it gets worse. I have been avoiding seeing the doctor to see if I have caused some new kind of damage, but like you I am stubborn. Thankyou for putting my feelings to words.